Do you ever want to getaway without really going too far away? It seems that you can actually do just that at some of the coziest stays throughout the entire country, but also, right here in Massachusetts. As it turns out, there are two of America's Best Bed & Breakfasts in the Bay State.

TripAdvisor has revealed their Traveler's Choice Awards, which include their Best Hotels for 2024. One of their categories happens to be their 'Best of the Best B&Bs (bed & breakfasts) and Inns'. They are those spots that give you that nice and cozy home away from home type of feel.

While we'll let you know where these spots are so you can experience them yourself, you should also know that New England had a total of 7 of their best bed & breakfasts in their national top 25 list. And while we're feeling kind of uppity, Massachusetts technically had two in the top six (including number one). But there's actually a 'Top 25' that made the full list.

So, where are these best bed & breakfasts in Massachusetts? TripAdvisor's Traveler's Choice had some things to say about each of the following spots that made the list:

  • #6 - Captain David Kelley House - Centerville

...The Captain David Kelley House is an upscale bed & breakfast set in a restored Greek Revival sea captain's home built in 1835 in the heart of Cape Cod. Architectural gem featuring hardwood floors, crown moldings, and wainscoting...


  • #1 - Candleberry Inn - Brewster

The Candleberry Inn is a multiple award-winning Bed and Breakfast lodging, located in the historic heart of Cape Cod, Massachusetts...Travelers love this beautifully-preserved lodge for its attentive and passionate hosts, offering little personal touches like welcome bakes and homemade treats that make every stay delightful. With its exceptional landscaping, proximity to the Brewster Flats, and breathtaking views, this charming inn is a gem not to be missed.

Not only that, but it's also #7 in the world!

And there it is! Who knew there were some of the absolute best bed & breakfasts in America located within Massachusetts. Of course, we shouldn't be all that shocked to have such luxury, but when you have two spots in the top of any 'Best of the Best' list, it's pretty impressive!

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