Let's face it: We are all in a quest to satisfy our appetites with a submarine sandwich that will be guaranteed to fill you up during the lunch hour. Unfortunately, the beautiful Berkshires did not make the top 3 on this coveted list, but there are a few locations east of us in Massachusetts that will fit the bill. Trust me: It's worth the trip:

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Pajer Superette located on Cooper Street in Agawam also doubles up as a locally based grocery stores: Their awesome sandwiches are enormous in nature. The smallest sized grinder is actually the smallest size is reasonably priced at only $4.50. The best part? Everything is homemade and delicious. It's hard to beat value and taste like this.

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The Woodstar Cafe on Masonic Street in Northampton has been described as an atmosphere best known as "hipster heaven", but they are known to serve up top quality sandwiches  A great local business with an ever-cheerful staff, you can't go wrong ordering the Berkshire or Nantucket sandwiches. A suggestion: You should also try their ginger chai tea as the ginger syrup is homemade and is the perfect accompaniment to your grinder.

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You have to travel to the Bay State's shoreline to sample the fare as this shop is worth the trip to Fall River as Marzilli's Bakery at the corner of Bedford and Wall Streets is another one of those places that delivers enormous sandwiches for reasonable prices. They feature large subs that measure 20 inches long and features fresh ingredients, friendly people and an old-school New England sub shop feel. The classic Italian grinder is a must for lunch and their salads come with garlic bread. While you're there, pick up a few rolls or loaves of Marzilli's bread to take home with you; After all, the establishment also has an in-house bakery.

BOTTOM LINE: Two simple words: Buon Appetit!

(Some information obtained in this article courtesy of www.onlyinyourstate.com/massachusetts/best-sandwiches-ma)

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