A list of the top 100 restaurants to eat at in New England has been compiled by 'Yelp!' There is a crazy amount of restaurants that made the list of those 100, which happen to be in Massachusetts! While it's awesome that we have so many of them here in the Bay State, we decided to focus on those that finished among the very best in the New England region.

This list of the top 100 best places to eat on Yelp has a total of 40 restaurants in Massachusetts that made the list. We literally have 40 percent of the best places to eat in New England, according to Yelp. Regardless of where you reside in the Bay State, these may just be well worth the drive.

When I saw this, I couldn't help but immediately think to myself, "Who are these people on Yelp giving these reviews?" And I instantly thought of the famous South Park episode where are the Yelp'ers act very entitled. It makes for a hilarious plot.

So, according to Yelp critics, which are just normal people who decided to give food reviews, there were four spots from Massachusetts that made the top 12 on the list.

#12 Lili's Restaurant in Amherst

The Chinese food spot is said to have authentic food from northwest China, including their 'famous' hand pulled noodles.

#11 The Baker in New Bedford

This breakfast and lunch spot has multiple reviewers claiming how it's a crime they didn't discover the spot sooner.

#9 Ciao: Pizza and Pasta in Chelsea

Multiple reviews about this place claim it has the best pizza in the state. As someone who loves both pizza and pasta, I'm definitely intrigued about the idea of making a road trip there.

#8 Branches Grill and Cafe in Chatham

It's labeled as Caribbean cuisine. Some of the pictures make it look pretty amazing so there's probably a good reason why it made the top 8 in all of New England.

These places definitely deserve their spots on the list. In general, there are a pretty good amount of great restaurant and eateries throughout all of Massachusetts. But if you're down for making a trip to some of the best reviewed in the state, you have at least four options to choose from.

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