On April 29, 1980, great director Alfred Hitchcock died of renal failure in his Bel Air, California home at the age of 80. Called the "Master of Suspense" by movie lovers across the globe, Hitchcock made numerous films in a variety of genres, although he is best remembered for his masterpieces in the tension/suspense/horror genres.

A list of Alfred Hitchcock films that are considered "masterpieces" is truly impressive. You may have even seen some of these movies without realizing they were Hitchcock films. By the way, two of Hitchcock's favorite leading men star in many of these films(Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart): Vertigo(Stewart); North By Northwest(Grant); The Man Who Knew Too Much(1956 remake with Stewart); Rope; The Birds; Spellbound; Rear Window(Stewart); Notorious(Grant); Psycho; Rebecca; Shadow of a Doubt; Suspicion(Grant); Marnie; Saboteur and the list rolls on.

I have many fond memories of Mom and I watching some of Sir Alfred's suspense classics growing up and those memories will always linger. Some of those films that we watched together still rank among some of my favorites. Thanks Mom, for instilling the love for classic cinema in me. And thank you, Mr. Hitchcock, for the many great edge-of-my-seat, lump-in-my-throat movie moments. You are indeed the "Master"!



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