On April 27, 1980, former Beatle Ringo Starr(born Richard Starkey) wed actress Barbara Bach(born Barbara Ann Goldbach). It was Ringo's second marriage, but his final one. He and Barbara are still happily married forty years later.

Ringo and Barbara were co-stars in the 1981 movie Caveman. As a matter of fact, Sir Ringo and Barbara first met on the set of the movie and that's where they began their long relationship. They were married just ten months after they first met.

Attending the wedding ceremony were two of Ringo's former Beatle band-mates, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. John Lennon did not attend the wedding, which many thought was unusual as Ringo was the first Beatle member(and for a while, the only member) to willingly accept Yoko Ono in John's life. Ringo even let John and Yoko use his London apartment while John's divorce from Cynthia Lennon was being settled. Sadly, it was just a little over seven months later that John Lennon was shot to death on December 8, 1980.

Happy 40th Anniversary, Barbara & Ringo. And here's to many, many more wonderful years together!


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