Almost half of Americans now consider themselves to be workaholics, according to a new survey.

2,000 people were polled, and 48% said they're workaholics. Here are the top 10 signs you really are one, according to the survey.
How many of these did you answer yes too?

1. You prioritize your work over your personal life. 54% of workaholics said they do.
2. You worry about work during your days off, 51%.
3. You struggle to completely stop working on vacation, 50%.
4. You check your work email at night, 48%.
5. You're often the first person to get to work, and the last to leave, 46%.
6. You feel like you can't take a vacation, because you're too busy, 46%.
7. You usually work through lunch, 45%.
8. You feel anxious if you don't check in or know what's happening at work, 45%.
9. Your friends or family say you work too much, 44%.
10. You check your work email first thing in the morning, 39%.

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