It was a wonderful and tasty fundraiser Dinner at Bounti-Fare Monday night for the Broadlawn Farm Ziemba family.

The dairy farm's been in the family for more than 75 years since it was purchased by Stanley J. Ziemba Sr. It's currently operated by a number of relatives including Victor, Mike, Chris and Laura Ziemba.

The Ziembas have about 300 head of cattle, about a third of those calves and just under 200 being milked.

All parts of the community and surrounding area have been helping out in any way they can. After the fire in September which burned down the whole barn area.

I reported that the 4-H group had spent a Sunday outside Walmart in North Adams seeking donations and their bucket had filled as fast as they could empty it.

Broadlawn's been getting a little more help in that direction as well. Wrapped bales of hay were piled up in a side yard courtesy of farms ranging from Vermont to New York and closer, including Burnett's, Balawenders and Ioka. The Galushas had cropped the farm's hundred acres of corn and calls had come in from as far east as Boston.

Perhaps most importantly, backhoes were clearing where the north/south part section of the barn had been. The concrete pad was still in good shape largely because of the protection offered by the felt pads that been under the burned away rubber mats.

The event at Bounti-Fare kicked off at 4:30 and went till 7 pm Monday night the 22nd.

I was talking with Anita Doucette Gutman who was at the event and informed me and then Dave Nichola, owner, and operator of the Bounti-Fare who is an all-around super guy gave a head count on the dinners served at 896, and Anita said that was just the dinners, not all the other folks who came by for the awesome Chinese auction and all kinds of yummy baked goods that were there too.  The community Nailed it!

Photos by  Anita Doucette Gutman and Anna Marie Belmonte