Believe it or not, good people, this week marks the 25TH ANNIVERSARY since the first text message was sent. Feeling old, yet?

Yep, a quarter of a century ago on December 3rd, an engineer by the name of Neil Papworth sent a "Merry Christmas" message to his friend Richard Jarvis's computer. That simple little holiday message was a technology changer! How far we've traveled since then.

Think about this: A recent study showed a little under 10 TRILLION text messages were sent in just 2016 alone! And out of that number, probably only a thousand of them made any sense whatsoever...Okay, I kid about that, but seriously, I have trouble even trying to comprehend such a vast amount as 10 trillion. Has anybody ever seen 10 TRILLION of anything?!?! Who's to say what our avenues of communication will be in ANOTHER 25 years? Food for thought--or thoughts to text.

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