No matter where you live in Massachusetts, chances are there's a Goodwill shop not too far from your home which is convenient. Whether you live in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, the Berkshires, and everywhere in between, Goodwill is probably nearby. I don't know about you but I have way too many items sitting in my closets and basement that just need to go. As a father of a young daughter, I'm rapidly accumulating more stuff around the house.

Probably the item that I really need to go through the most is clothing. I have way too many t-shirts and hoodies that I really need to sort through and donate to Goodwill. It's time for those items to find a new home instead of just sitting in a dark closet for decades. Spring cleaning is calling for sure. What items do you have an abundance of in your home?

What Items Do Massachusetts Goodwill Shops Accept and Not Accept? 

With all of the items that I and possibly you need to clear out of your home you may be wondering to yourself what can be donated to Goodwill. We'll let you know what you can donate to Massachusetts Goodwill shops in just a minute. First here's a list of items that Massachusetts Goodwill shops do not accept.

18 Items That Massachusetts Goodwill Shops Don't Accept

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That list makes things a little clearer. You now know for sure which items are off the table when it comes to making donations to Massachusetts Goodwill shops. So now let's take a look at the items that Massachusetts Goodwill shops accept. You probably have many of these items sitting around your house and I'm willing to bet that a chunk of them are not being used or haven't been used for quite some time.

21 Items Massachusetts Goodwill Stores Accept for Donation

While there is a list of items that Massachusetts Goodwill shops don't accept, the list of items that the shops do accept is quite robust.

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