I am hard-pressed to think of another food item associated with every type of celebration more than cake.  Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, weddings, graduations, promotions, and even memorials and celebrations of life will have a cake as the centerpiece of the celebration.

There are almost as many different varieties of cake as there are celebrations to devour one.  A study recently conducted by the national jeweler Shane Co. investigated the most popular cake flavors across the United States.  The results showed a wide variety of cake flavors were the most popular.  When the Shane Co. results were tabulated, there were 21 different flavors of cake that topped the list in at least 1 state.

The #1 cake flavor in the entire country was also the #1 cake flavor in Massachusetts.  A total of 10 states, including Mass, chose (drumroll please) the Ice Cream Cake as the favorite in the state and the leading cake flavor across the country.  Other states following Massachusetts' lead were Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington according to the Shane Co. study.

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The other “Most Popular Cake Flavors” based on Google Trends search data over the last 12 months according to Shane Co. are…

  • #1 Ice Cream Cake 10 States
  • #2 Strawberry Cake 7 States
Fresh baked Strawberry Cake
  • #3 Molten Lava Cake 5 States
  • #4 Angel Food Cake 3 States
  • #4 Sponge Cake 3 States
  • #5 Carrot Cake 2 States
  • #5 Cheese Cake 2 States
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  • #5 Chocolate Cake 2 States
  • #5 Devil’s Food Cake 2 States
  • #5 Funfetti Cake 2 States
  • #5 Pound Cake 2 States
  • #5 Pumpkin Spice Cake 2 States
  • #6 Butter Cake 1 State
  • #6 Cookie Cake 1 State
  • #6 German Chocolate Cake 1 State
  • #6 Lemon Cake 1 State
  • #6 Marble Cake 1 State
  • #6 Orange Cake 1 State
  • #6 Pistachio Cake 1 State
  • #6 Red Velvet Cake 1 State
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  • #6 White Cake 1 State

Breaking down the other New England states and our New York neighbor, the most popular cake flavors according to the Shane Co. survey are…Connecticut - Pistachio Cake…New Hampshire - Strawberry Cake…Maine – Chocolate Cake…Rhode Island – Marble Cake…Vermont – Lemon Cake…and New York – Sponge Cake.

To see the complete breakdown of the survey, click on this link to The Loupe article by Shane Co.

As an aside, the saying “Let them eat cake” is often attributed incorrectly to Marie Antoinette but was actually uttered by “a great princess” from France in either the 17th or 18th century according to Wikipedia.  According to Wiki, the thoughtful royal responded with the phrase when she was told that the peasants had no bread.  Neither the “great princess” nor Marie Antoinette could be reached for comment on their preferred favorite flavor of cake.


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