No matter what sporting event you're at, hockey, baseball, football, there are always those SUPER hardcore fans or maybe you are one yourself.

Apparently, a LOT of these Super Fans participated in the latest poll that Ticketmaster did because the results are wild. And I must admit I know someone in the radio world who is also known as Jetman, he, of course, dresses the part and even has a license plate the says JETMAN, and leads the crowd in the Jets Chant. FYI the original Jetman was a fellow by the name Fireman Ed.


Ticketmaster conducted a survey on fan behavior at sporting events which you can check out even more of the results at

They asked 1,000 fans how they thought THEIR behaviors impacted games.

Check this out more than 90% of NFL fans say the crowd in the stadium can sometimes or always influence the outcome of the game."

More than 50% of fans say "cheers and chanting" influence the outcome of the game.  Nearly 40% say a combination of "cheers, face paint, costumes, and dancing" are "most likely to influence the outcome of the game."

Also, 40% of NFL fans say they are superstitious and 30% believe THEIR game day rituals and superstitions can influence the outcome.

Of all the rituals, the most popular are:  Wearing a lucky piece of clothing 20% and tailgating 18%.  Most fans say that tailgates are most likely to increase the energy in the stadium, but one in 10 say that people's "outfits" are most likely to increase energy.

Get ready to see a lot of Super Fans as we get closer to the big game.

Championship Round

Sunday, Jan. 21

AFC Championship it's the Jaguars at New England Patriots, 3:05 p.m.

NFC Championship it's the Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles, 6:40 p.m.

Then it's Super Bowl 52 Sunday, Feb. 4,  6:30 p.m


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