Today is a Good Day for "A Hard Day's Night".

Believe it or not, it was 54 years ago on this date, that Sirs John, Paul, George and Ringo released their third album, definitely a milestone in popular music. Whether or not you love the Fab Four or simply can't stand them, you have to give them credit for the impact they've had on popular music. The group released "A Hard Day's Night" during the peak of Beatlemania and consider this: not only was this their first album of ALL ORIGINAL songs, but they managed to write and record it despite constant tours, interviews, public appearances, television appearances and filming the movie that many believe to be the precursor of MTV; "A Hard Day's Night". That's a pretty admirable feat.

And the music, at least to my ears (which I admit are pretty Beatle biased), still holds up today. I mean, the songs...the SONGS! Of course, the title track(featuring. quite possibly, one of the most famous opening chords in pop history), infectious poppers, "Can't Buy Me Love" and "I'm Happy Just To Dance With You", the beautiful "If I Fell" and "I'll Cry Instead", just to name a few. Great hooks, bubbly and jangly guitars, and terrific harmonies. Plus -- although the songs were always credited to Lennon/McCartney -- this might have been one of the last times that John and Paul fully collaborated TOGETHER; at least for a full album.

Subsequent albums would see the duo pursuing their own songwriting strengths. But for a brief, joyous period in 1964, these four Liverpool Lads would take on the world brimming with energy, enthusiasm and a great attitude. An attitude of, "Hey, we're just a couple of ordinary guys and we've got a couple of songs we'd like you to hear."

Guys, thanks for the invitation.

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