In a recent survey, Coventry Direct set out to find out how well a Baby Boomer can understand commonly used Gen Z slang.  The results are better than I expected.

You are considered a Baby Boomer if you were born between 1946 and 1964.  You are a Gen Xer if you entered the world between 1965 and 1980.  Millennials span between 1981 and 1996 and if you are a Gen Z if you were born between 1997 and 2012.

Can Baby Boomers Translate Gen Z Speak?

The Coventry Direct survey reached out to 1,000 American Baby Boomers between the ages of 55 to 77 years old.  According to the survey’s methodology, they were asked a series of multiple-choice questions testing their knowledge of popular terms used by Gen Z-ers.

The highest score overall 96.90% of Baby Boomers knew “That’s Lit” means cool or awesome.  The second highest score was for the term “Ghosting.”  A total of 94.90% of Baby Boomers knew the term translated as a person that suddenly stops answering calls or texts.

According to the survey by Coventry Direct, the lingo Baby Boomers had the most difficulty translating was “I’m Dead” which in Gen Z means something that is extremely funny.  Only 38.40% of Baby Boomers picked the correct answer out of the four multiple-choice answers.    Scoring a tick higher 40.10% had no idea what “No Cap” means in Gen Z.  Neither did I (Baby Boomer).  It means I’m being serious.

The results are fascinating and the survey with the correct answers is available by clicking on this link to the Coventry Direct survey.

I must say the slang used in the Gen Z world is a lot more creative than what we baby boomers used in the 60s.  Groovy, Boob Tube, Blitzed, That’s Boss come to mind right away.  There are hundreds of others.  It would be fun to flip the script and test Gen Z on Baby Boomer lingo.  I think that would be a gas.

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