Summer is quickly rolling along but there is still time to get out and enjoy the weather, even take a vacation. If you are the camping type you still have a few solid weeks to enjoy the warm days and crisp cool evenings while sitting around the fire with friends and family roasting up some s'mores. If you plan on going camping, why not hit up a campground or two in Massachusetts?

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There are Two Massachusetts Campgrounds That Are Among the 11 Best Places to Camp in the Northeast

I specifically bring up Massachusetts as a camping option because Trips to Discover recently published an article entitled 11 Best Places to Camp in the American Northeast and two of those places are located in Massachusetts. So let's take a look at the two spots in the Baystate that made Trips to Discover's list.

Myles Standish State Forest

Located in the Town of Carver in Plymouth County, Myles Standish State Forest was one of Trips to Discover's picks for Massachusetts campgrounds. Let's take a look at what the site had to say about this beautiful area for camping and other recreational activities:

The campground is located in southeastern Massachusetts, and the campsites here are located along more than a dozen ponds and throughout the forest. Campers can take advantage of 13 miles of hiking trails, 35 miles of horse trails, and 15 miles of paved biking trails during their stay.

You can view an entire list of activities and directions to Myles Standish State Forest by going here.

Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort

The other Massachusetts site that made Trips to Discover's list is Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort located in Foxborough. The article states that this is a prime place to camp if you have kids. It's luxury camping at its best as there is so much that the resort offers including yoga, a disc golf course, a fitness center, a dog park, laundry facilities, shuffleboard, soccer field, basketball and volleyball courts, four pools, and softball fields. I have never camped at a place that had four pools on its grounds. That sounds like heaven to me. In addition, if you take a look at the resort's Facebook page, you'll discover that USA Today Travel features Normandy Farms among the "Top 10 Best Urban Campgrounds."

If you're planning on doing some camping, you may want to check out these two Massachusetts gems. You can check out the article and view all 11 sites that made Trips to Discover's list by going here. Happy camping.

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