It's been said time and time again that Massachusetts, particularly the Berkshires is a tourist's dream to the point where many people move from the big cities and either have a second home here or make Berkshire County their permanent residence. Moving from places like Boston and Worcester to the Berkshires is not a rare thing. And as many of us know a plethora of people from places like New York City love to come to the Berkshires on a seasonal basis or year-round.

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In addition to the rolling hills and wide open spaces, Berkshire County has a plethora of activities and culture including theater, hiking, museums, live music, and much more. With towns and cities like Great Barrington, Lenox, Stockbridge, Pittsfield, North Adams, and Williamstown (just to name a few), you'll always find something exciting to do when visiting Berkshire County.

What are Some of the Best Things to Do in the Berkshires? 

In an editor's pick article from the website Best Things Massachusetts, there's a list of "20 of the Best Things to Do in Massachusetts" and four Berkshire County attractions/activities made the list. They include the following:

Those are some top-notch attractions not only in the Berkshires but throughout the entire state of Massachusetts. Check out the non-Berkshire attractions that made the list by going here. We hope to see you in the Berkshires soon.

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