We're right in the middle of summer and have been experiencing some warm days and plenty of rain. Hopefully, you are off on a vacation somewhere, not worrying about work, bills, or other everyday routine responsibilities. However, if you haven't made plans to go on vacation yet, there's still time. If you are figuring out what would be a good fit for you in terms of destinations and you're possibly eyeballing Massachusetts, there's some good news for you. Trips to Discover recently published an article entitled; 17 Best Vacation Destinations on America’s East Coast and three of those destinations are in Massachusetts. Furthermore, you could book any of these destinations for later on in the year if going on a summer vacation is presently out of reach for you. Let's take a look at which Massachusetts destinations made the list (these aren't ranked in any particular order other than alphabetically)


Here's an excerpt on Boston from Trips to Discover's review:

Boston is a fantastic city with a long list of attractions and possible day trips if you want to enjoy an escape to the beach or the mountains, as both are within easy reach.

Read the complete review on Boston here.

Martha's Vineyard

Here's Trip to Discover's review on Martha's Vineyard:

This island, accessed by ferry from Cape Cod, offers something for visitors of all types with beautiful beaches, a picturesque lighthouse, brightly painted gingerbread cottages, and charming hotels.

Read the complete review on Martha's Vineyard here.

Provincetown, Cape Cod

Here's the review of Provincetown according to Trips to Discover:

At the northern tip of the Cape, Provincetown boasts over 30 miles of beaches and hosts a lively downtown with unique shops, art galleries, museums, seafood shacks, and more.

Read the complete review on Provincetown here.

So there are the Massachusetts destination recommendations courtesy of Trips to Discover. There's still time to book that summer vacation but if not, any of these locations would look beautiful in fall. You can check out all 17 destinations that made the list by going here.

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