Bigfoot and Massachusetts seem to have an interesting relationship. You may remember a previous post featuring an 1895 newspaper article describing sightings of a creature, perhaps Bigfoot in southern Berkshire County and Connecticut during that year. It's hard to believe that article is still around but it is. What did witnesses see? Was it some sort of beast? Maybe it was a gorilla or maybe it was just Bigfoot himself. You can read more about that experience and check out the newspaper article by going here.

New Englanders Have Such a Fascination with Bigfoot That There's Even a Facebook Group in Tribute to the Beast

There's no doubt that Massachusetts folks and people throughout New England have a fascination with Bigfoot. Heck, there's even a Facebook page called Team Sasquatchachusetts. You can get more details about that group by going here.

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A Connecticut Resident May Have Recently Seen the Beast

As I previously mentioned, New Englanders have a fascination with Bigfoot and some swear that they have seen the creature or at least something that resembles the Sasquatch. Case and point,  there's a woman named Julie from Connecticut who posted on her Facebook page that she recently saw Bigfoot. Below is what she wrote on her wall:

Saw a Bigfoot Friday night. Jet black but the spots where the eyes mouth and nipples was lighter in color. I think tan. I went out there to look around and found this. I live in Connecticut.

What Julie's referring to when she said "I found this" is some branches that were positioned in a very odd position. The following photos were part of Julie's Facebook post.

These are some weird photos indeed and they look like something out of the "Blair Witch Project." Either way, many will tell you that Bigfoot is out there. Julie's post received quite a few comments due to these photos and you can check out those comments by going here.

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