Massachusetts has something for everyone. The Baystate has recently received accolades for being the top state to raise a family. In addition, when it comes to education, Massachusetts is second to none as the state is home to the two best universities in the world including Harvard University in Cambridge landing in the top spot while the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) also located in Cambridge placed second.

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Let's not forget, Massachusetts has quaint towns with a laid-back atmosphere for someone who wants to get away from the city for the weekend or summer or even start a new lifestyle altogether. For those folks that want to submerge themselves into bigger populations with plenty to do and endless career and nightlife options, the Bay State can cater to that lifestyle as well.

What are Massachusetts' Three Biggest Cities? 

Speaking of bigger populations, World Atlas recently ranked the 10 largest cities, by population in Massachusetts. Here's a closer look at the top three.

Springfield lands in third place with a population of approximately 156,503. Springfield is known as the "City of Firsts" as James Naismith invented basketball in Springfield. I remember attending many great concerts at the then-Springfield Civic Center now the MassMutual Center. You can read more about Springfield by going here.

Worcester is the second largest city by population in Massachusetts with a population of 211,612 according to World Atlas. The site notes that Worcester is well-known as the "City of Seven Hills" because of the numerous hills that contribute to defining the city. There are several residential neighborhoods, commercial areas, and neighborhood parks located on these hills. You can read more about Worcester by going here.

Probably not a surprise to you but Boston is the largest city in Massachusetts with a population of approximately 687,257 according to World Atlas. Boston is Massachusetts' capital and is the home of Fenway Park and the Boston Red Sox. Boston serves as the state’s commercial, biotech, and financial hub. You can read more about Boston by going here.

Here are the Six Remaining Massachusetts Cities (population totals are courtesy of World Atlas


4 Cambridge 121,051
5 Lowell 117,362
6 Brockton 108,009
7 Quincy 103,508
8 Lynn 103,437
9 New Bedford 102,281
10 Fall River 95,028

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