Now that summer is coming to an end, which means camping season wraps up for 2022. This is usually the time of year where people starting "Winterizing" their Camper/RV. What is "Winterizing" you may ask? For example, draining out any water tanks so they don't freeze up in the winter and destroy plumbing. Another example is keeping any pests out of the vehicle through the winter months.

What Is the Definition of an RV?

RV stands for "Recreational Vehicle" which can consist of a motor vehicle, trailer, pop-up camper that has living quarters that you would find in a typical residence. You know the usual things like a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and a bathroom.

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Ryan Pause's Pop-Up Camper
Ryan Pause's Pop-Up Camper

So, is it legal to live in this Recreational Vehicle in the Commonwealth?

The answer is Yes. However, there are legal procedures that must be followed. This where your local town's zoning bylaws come into play just like any other residence. While you technically don't need a building permit, you will be required to have the three amenities according to the IRS when you go to file taxes. IRS considers a vehicle a home with three keywords. Sleeping, Cooking, Toilet. And yes, that's exactly what they state. Obviously, the pop-up camper pictured

The most important amenity is a of course is a mailing address of ether the physical location of the vehicle, or a PO Box to legally receive mail.

Motorhome at free camp site with milky way sky in New Zealand.
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While Massachusetts unfortunately did not make the list of "best states" to live in an RV, they're honestly a lot of places in the area that have very nice scenery to live on. Personally, I know a trailer park in Vermont that a good buddy of mine lives, He has a trailer and has neighbors that live in RVs. I won't get into the exact location since it is private property.

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