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New Truck for NA Fire Department
Affectionately referred to as the "blueberry," the truck has seen better days. A hole in the floor has been covered by a road sign, the exhaust system is beyond repair, among other issues. Maintenance costs continue to mount.
A Message From School Superintendent Jake McCandless
This is Jake McCandless, Superintendent of the Pittsfield Public Schools.
Recently, Reid Middle School and the Pittsfield Public Schools have been responding to unsafe activities involving the promotion of violence through both social media and word of mouth, including acts of violence taking place …
Recycling In Pittsfield: Do You Know How to Do It Correctly?
So after talking about recycling on Earth Day Monday, Tom and I were talking about what and how what you put in your recycling bins, and we got a call from one of our listeners who said she had called the mayors office to see what and how these items need to be disposed of to get them recycled.

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