Today we're remembering and the memories of all the people we lost on 9/11. Including the first responders who ran into those buildings, knowing they might not make it back out. And their legacy is still with us in more ways than one.

The newest class of New York City firefighters is set to graduate later this month. And 13 of them are children of firefighters who lost their lives as a result of 9/11.

They're called "legacy" graduates. And it's the most any one class has ever had.

In addition to them, there are at least three more legacy grads who are children of other first responders who died. Including the son of an NYPD officer.

If you want to know more about them, "The New York Post" did a big profile on the whole group. They're set to graduate on September 24th.
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New York just passed a law that all public schools have to have a moment of silence on the anniversary of 9/11 each year. Apparently, it's controversial. A poll found about half of people are in favor of it, and half aren't.


The New York Post has listed the other sons of fallen firefighters and an NYPD officer are:
  • Matthew Jovic, son of Lt. Anthony Jovic, of Engine Co. 279, Brooklyn
  • Peter J. Carroll, son of Peter Carroll, FDNY Squad 1, Brooklyn
  • Scott B. Larsen, son of Scott Andrew Larsen‚ Ladder 163, Queens
  • Gregory Kumpel, son of Kenneth B. Kumpel, Ladder Co. 25, Manhattan
  • Brendan Regan, son of Lt. Rober Regan, Engine 205/Ladder 118, Brooklyn
  • John C. Fischer, son of  Capt. John R. Fischer Ladder 20SoHo
  • Manny Mojica, son of Manuel Mojica Jr.‚ Squad 18, Manhattan
  • Michael Florio, son of John Joseph Florio, Engine 214, Brooklyn
  • John R. Leahy, son of NYPD Officer James P. Leahy, 6th PrecinctGreenwich Village
  • Robert Tilearcio Jr., son of Robert Tilearcio Sr., Engine 266Far Rockaway, who died of brain cancer in 2017


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