In the times we live in, America can be scary in some places. We see frequent acts of gun violence in the news like mass shootings. Sometimes we see hate crimes, terrorist acts, or even natural disasters that can affect anyone's way of life. That's all when we're not threated by a worldwide pandemic. However, in America, some states are definitely much more safer relatively than others. As it turns out, Massachusetts is one of those safer states.

According to our friends at WalletHub, the Bay State was near the top of the list for the safest states in America. In order to determine the safest states in America, each states was measured across 53 different safety indicators that were grouped into five different categories.

Such categories include things like 'Personal & Residential Safety', 'Financial Safety', 'Road Safety', 'Workplace Safety', and 'Emergency Preparedness'. As a result, it turns out that Massachusetts is ranked as the 6th safest state in America. What may seem surprising is that we ended up finishing 1st in Road Safety! The Bay State was also 5th in Financial Safety and 7th in Personal & Residential Safety. Those ranks helped us snag that 6th overall spot.

So, how did we finish at the top of the list for Road Safety?

It seems that Massachusetts has the fewest fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles of travel. We also finished with the lowest share of uninsured population, so that's one more reason we finished ahead of everyone in Road Safety.

The only states finishing in front of Massachusetts overall ranking were:

  • Hawaii (5th)
  • Utah (4th)
  • New Hampshire (3rd)
  • Maine (2nd)
  • Vermont (1st)

It seems that the New England states took the top spots in terms of the safest states in America. I'd say we're in a pretty good spot relative to where everyone else ranked on the list. Click on the map at the bottom to see where other states were ranked.

But look at us, Massachusetts! We're one of the safest states in America.

Source: WalletHub

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