A hot news item in the media lately is the current cicada emergence in the Midwest and Southeast. One of the big reasons for all of this coverage is the fact that the 13-year Brood XIX and 17-year Brood XIII are emerging at the same time which will be an event for the history books as this hasn't occurred since 1803. While 2024 may be remembered for many things this year will certainly be remembered as an ultra-rare double-brood year.

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Cicadas Will Be Emerging on Massachusetts and it's Not That Far Down the Line

While Massachusetts isn't one of the 17 states undergoing a cicada emergence in 2024, the Bay State will get its share of cicadas next year. Brood XIV will emerge in 13 states, including Massachusetts in the summer of 2025.

Where in Massachusetts Will the Cicada Emergence Occur in 2025?

While cicadas aren't typically attracted to sandy beaches, numerous online sources have reported that the brood of insects will be emerging in Cape Cod. It's been noted that one reason for the upcoming Cape Cod emergence could be because of the type of forest trees found in the area. Traditionally cicadas thrive in forests and soil. Despite the sandy beaches, Cape Cod apparently has the "right" conditions for a cicada eruption.

Are Cicadas Dangerous?

According to the EPA, cicadas are not harmful to humans, pets, household gardens, or crops. The most damage they will do to you is get on your nerves with their loud noises which is the sound adult males make when they're in courting mode.

Benefits of Cicadas

The EPA also reports that there are a few environmental benefits that cicadas bring with them including the following:

  • Cicadas are a valuable food source for birds and other predators.
  • Cicadas can aerate lawns and improve water filtration into the ground.
  • Cicadas add nutrients to the soil as they decompose.

While many areas of Massachusetts like Boston or Worcester for example won't experience the 2025 cicada emergence if you want to witness the Massachusetts cicada eruption next summer make plans to head to Cape Cod. A warning to the wise, you may want to bring some noise-canceling headphones with you.

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