Personally,  when I see a guy walking around in a tiny Speedo or a pair of leather pants. That guy has guts and confidence.  But a lot of you aren't seeing it that way, I guess.LOL!

A new survey asked people what clothes they hate the most.  And here is the top 10

1.  Speedos.  69% of people have an "unfavorable" opinion of them.
2.  Leather pants, 63%.
3.  Crocs, 59%.
4.  Bell bottoms, 57%.
5.  Clothes with elbow patches, 54%.
6.  Tracksuits, 52%.
7.  Bright red pants, 51%.
8.  Uggs, 51%.
9.  Sweater vests, 49%.
10.  Deep V-neck t-shirts, 49%.


Also topping the list is wearing trousers that are slung so low that underwear is clearly showing, which 88% of folks think looks bad. The Florida town of Ocala instituted a law against sagging jeans for a short period in 2014, something that many people in this country may have sympathy with.

The most notorious fashion faux pas of all – wearing socks with sandals – comes in only slightly behind, with almost eight in ten people surveyed (79%) declared it a bad look.

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