I'm not sure, but I think this guy watched a lot of the TV show "MacGyver" when he was younger. From out of Wichita, Kansas comes a crazy crime story involving a jail inmate who was caught smuggling drugs through a hole he made through a reinforced plastic window.

According to KSNW/3 Wichita, Kansas, an inmate(whose name has not been given--more on that later) in the Wichita jail managed to bust a hole through one of the jail windows in order to have a way to smuggle drugs in.

It was how he busted the window that's the interesting part. He smeared some hemorrhoid cream on the window, held a lighter to it for more than three hours, and softened up the plastic enough so that with the aid of a drain pipe and a food tray, inmates finally forced the hole in it.

Initially, law-enforcement officials weren't sure how the hole was made, but finally the inmate responsible said he would tell them how he did it on the condition that they transfer him to a different prison. That's why his name has not been revealed.

Apparently, once the hole was punched through the window, inmates fashioned a rope with some torn fabric, forced the rope through the hole, somebody on the outside tied the rope to a bag of narcotics, and then the rope was pulled back in.

And, to make the story even crazier, not only are the inmates in trouble, but a young prison guard who supposedly caught the inmates in the act of smuggling and didn't report it to anyone is potentially facing some time in the clink.

For more on this crazy story, visit KSNW's website here.

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