This what Eric and myself were talking about Friday morning, a favorite topic food, but not just but how you eat it if you eat it normally or are you weird.  Check out the list and see how normal you really are when you are eating these foods.


Do you eat these things like a normal person? Or are you a weirdo?

1. Do you eat mac and cheese with a fork or a spoon? 81% said fork, 19% said spoon.

2. Do you pour dressing ON your salad, or keep it on the side for dipping? 92% pour it on. 8% are dippers.

3. Do you eat ribs with your hands, or a knife and fork? 14% said knife and fork.

4. Do you twirl your spaghetti, or cut it up? 90% of us are twirlers, 10% cut it up.

5. With a Kit Kat, do you break each piece off, or just take bites out of the whole bar? 5% of us just go to town on the whole thing without breaking the pieces apart.

6. Do you peel pieces off your string cheese, or just bite into it? 78% peel it. 22% take bites. Also, 13% of people said they take bites out of BLOCKS of cheese.

7. With pizza, do you eat the pointy end first, or the crust? Only 7% go crust first. Also, 18% of people said they prefer eating their pizza with a knife and fork.

8. Do you like your bagel toasted, or untoasted? 22% said untoasted.

9. If you have Chef Boyardee ravioli, do you heat it up or eat it straight out of the can cold? Believe it or not, 5% of us prefer it cold. I love mine out of the fridge!

10. Do you prefer your cereal with milk, or straight out of the box like a snack? 90% said they like it with milk . . . 9% said no milk . and 1% said they eat it with milk and ICE.

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