I never gave it too much thought before but during the recent holidays, my wife burned a Balsam and Cedar from Yankee Candle leading up to Christmas.  On her Christmas list was the Black Pepper & Gin candle from Kringle Candle.  She had loved the smell of the candle after taking a sniff while holiday shopping.  She told me she loves to start the new year with a new scent.  I then realized we do seem to have a lot of candles in the house and she does seem to have a scent for every season, mood, or occasion.

I personally prefer a scent for the deep woods from any tree they can replicate.  My least favorite is a flowery scent like a rose or a scent that is supposed to smell like food like vanilla cupcake or that fake pumpkin smell.  Like with everything we all have our preferences and our dislikes.

There are many reasons to burn a candle.  The candle company Lit Up lists about 10 benefits of burning a candle.  The list includes; Ambiance and Atmosphere, Celebration and Romance, Décor, Fragrance, Health, Meditation and Prayer, Remembrance and Support, Self-Expression, and Travel.

With two major candle companies right here in western Mass, Yankee Candle and Kringle Candle (former owners of Yankee Candle) I got to wondering if there is a favorite candle scent in Massachusetts.  A study by the jewelry store Shane Co. tabulated the top candles in each state based on Google searches from late 2020 to late 2021.

Some of these surveys you have to take with a grain of salt or in this case some drops of wax.  According to the Shane Co. data posted to their “The Loupe” website, “The Most Popular Candle Scent” in Massachusetts is the Lemon candle.  The Lemon scent was tied for the 3rd most popular candle across the U.S. topping the list in 3 states.  The other two states were Missouri and Tennessee.

The most popular candle scent according to the Shane Co. data was Pumpkin.  A total of 9 states put the Pumpkin scent over the top as the “Most Popular” in the country with Vanilla a close 2nd with 8 total states.  Tied for 3rd with the Lemon candle were Lavender and Rose.  The candles with at least 2 states putting them on top of the list included Citrus, Coconut, Gardenia, and Peppermint.

With Valentine’s Day coming fast you might want to look into stimulating the senses of your significant other with a fresh scent instead of that fattening candy.

You can see the results of the Shane Co. study by clicking on this link to “The Loupe.”

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