Tuesday morning's trivia question was: What beverage company changed their logo to include the colors red, white, and blue to support the war effort in the 1940s? The answer: Pepsi.

For fans of carbonated beverages with sugar in it, you know the love! Fortunately, we've learned about the dangers of sugar, and soda consumption has gone down over the years. That's why we have seltzer water! It's amazing and you can burp and enjoy and gain no weight haha.

Now, I can only assume that most of us know the heavy hitters in the soda industry, right? Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, etc, etc...but what about the the forgotten ones?

Does Anyone Remember This Massachusetts Born Soda?


Here at the studio, our market president decides to pick up and old soda vending machine that is at least 50 years old and what is stuck on the side? An old "Squeeze" sticker?

What the heck is Squeeze?

Squeeze Beverages Inc. was founded in Adams in 1920. According to Eagle files, Adams resident Piotr Gwozdz (pronounced Ga-voosh), began the company by bottling soda in the same building as the Gwozdz dry cleaning business at 102 Summer St. -berkshireeagle.com

Apparently black cherry, birch beer, pineapple and cream soda were some popular flavors, just to name a few...

Where Did It Go?

In January 2004, the owners decided to sell Squeeze to a growing Florida-based soft drink company by the name of X-Stream Beverage Group. Thus, the last of the Berkshire soda bottlers came to an end.

Speaking of Massachusetts born soda...Moxie, anyone? 😆

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