When I First heard about "Facercise" I was like "you have to be joking", but no joke here it is a real thing and if something can make your face look three years younger without having  facelift surgery I am willing to try it!

An old video for a '90s workout called "Facercise" went viral a few years ago.  It looks like some of the stuff in there might actually work.

A study at Northwestern University found certain "face yoga" exercises can build up your face muscles.  And after about five months, the average woman who did them regularly looked almost THREE YEARS younger.

Here are two exercises to try.  They are simplified versions.  The full versions are a little too complicated to learn without actually watching someone do them. you can click on the link Northwestern University to learn of the exercises.

1.  The Cheek Lifter.  Make an "O" shape with your mouth, so your top lip is folded over your front teeth.  Then smile with the corners of your mouth over and over again.

2.  The Eyebrow Lifter.  Put three fingertips from each hand directly under your eyebrows, and push up to force your eyes open.  Then smile while pushing your eyebrows down against your fingers . . . hold for 20 seconds . . . and do it three times.

Here is the original video from Found Footage Festival on Vimeo


Also don't over do it, or it can have the opposite effect and cause wrinkles.  The people in the study did a bunch of different exercises 30 minutes a day for the first two months.  Then every OTHER day after that.

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