Summertime in Massachusetts is a treasured time and I'm certainly looking forward to it. Boston Red Sox baseball games, fun on the beach in Cape Cod, waterfalls in the's all part of summer fun in Massachusetts.

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Other fun summer activities include cookouts, camping, and July 4th parades just to name a few. One fun activity in particular is a big no in Massachusetts which is lighting off fireworks.

What Will Happen to Me If I Have and/or Light Off Fireworks in Massachusetts? 

Unless you have a permit and are a professional if you get caught with fireworks in Massachusetts, the police will confiscate them and you could be slapped with a fine from anywhere between $10 to $100.

What If I Get Caught Selling Fireworks in Massachusetts? What's the Penalty? 

The fine for selling fireworks in Massachusetts is a bit steeper, we're talking anywhere from $100 - $1,000 with the possibility of serving up to a year in prison. This is definitely not a fun way to spend your summer vacation. Between the risk of burns, fires, and danger to other individuals including kids, it's no surprise that possessing and selling fireworks is illegal in Massachusetts but as part of the summer festivities, feel free to attend a fireworks show, just leave the act of lighting them off to the professionals.

You can get more information on fireworks in Massachusetts by going here.

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