How many of you out there remember School House Rock? The enjoyable sing-while-you-learn program ran off and on from 1973 thru 1985 in different time slots. I remember catching it on Saturday mornings and after-school during the week. I absolutely loved the show partly due to my love of music but also because each episode was catchy and you could actually learn something!!! What a concept...

The show was created by advertising executive David McCall who noticed that his son could memorize every lyric to a Rolling Stones song(Hmmm. Sounds like ME.), but had trouble learning his multiplication tables(also sounds like me). McCall then hired musician Bob Dorough to write a song that would teach multiplication. Well, the rest is history.

The series began quite successfully with "Multiplication Rock" and then continued with other segments including, "Grammar Rock", "America Rock", "Science Rock" and many, many more.

I remember fondly singing along to "I'm Just A Bill", "Figure Eight", "Lolly, Lolly Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here", "Conjunction Junction", "Unpack Your Adjectives", "Sufferin' 'till Suffrage", "Interplanet Janet", "Electricity, Electricity"....The list goes on.

I seriously think the reason that I aced the first six years of public school was due to the many lessons I learned from School House Rock. Thanks a lot, guys! And Happy Anniversary!

By the way, the very first School House Rock song debuted on January 6, 1973. That's correct. Forty-seven years ago. And that song? "Three Is a Magic Number". Okay everybody. Sing with me now...


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