To say Massachusetts folks love Dunkin' would be a huge understatement. Many people throughout Massachusetts have chosen Dunkin' as their favorite fast food restaurant. Not to mention in Massachusetts alone, there are over 900 Dunkin' locations. From Boston to New Bedford to the Berkshires and everywhere in between, people all over Massachusetts are enjoying Dunkin' on a daily basis.

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Okay, so we know that people love Dunkin' which is no surprise, but wouldn't your love for the chain increase if you knew you could get free food? Well, you can. And in these times when food inflation is out of control, getting free food is quite necessary. Anything to save money, wouldn't you agree?

So, How Do I Get Free Food at Dunkin' in Massachusetts? 

It's actually pretty easy and something that some fast food chains/restaurants do but we tend to forget about it or not even realize that it's available. The simple way to get free food when you go to Dunkin', particularly a free donut is to fill out the survey on your receipt. This is what the Krazy Coupon Lady, has to say about this.

An easy way to score an awesome Dunkin’ Donut’s deal is to get a free donut by filling out the Dunkin’ survey that you can find on the bottom of your receipt. You’ll always get a free donut when you fill out the receipt, making this one of the few Dunkin’ Donuts deals that’s available every time you order. It’s just one of the ways you can get free food — no complaining necessary.

So make sure you hold on to your Dunkin' receipts and fill out the surveys. You know you'll be going back to Dunkin' soon, so you might as well get some free food while you're there.

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