I know couples like to get married on Valentines Day, and even do a destination wedding to Vegas, but this takes the cake, or should I say pancake. I'm pretty sure nothing says "romance" better than this, especially if you are all about pancakes and syrup.

If you didn't know, there's a Denny's in Las Vegas that has its own wedding chapel.  And they're raising their game for Valentine's Day . . . by offering weddings for just $99.

That includes a "silk presentation" bouquet and boutonniere, in other words, no real flowers, the silk fake kind.  You also get a champagne toast and a certificate.  If you want pancakes, they're extra.

So if you go and get married there any other day than Valentines Day, normally the weddings there cost $199 and DO include pancakes.

Nancy and Steven are the first couple to get married at the Denny's Wedding Chapel located in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.


Oh FYI, In the state of Nevada, You must be 18 years old or older, or have written consent of a parent or guardian to apply for a marriage license at the Marriage Bureau of Clark County. You must have a marriage license for a legal Las Vegas wedding in the state of Nevada.


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