As previously reported Massachusetts' first case of the Powassan Virus for 2024 occurred last week in the town of Sharon. While the virus is rare it can be fatal for some. It's important you protect yourself from this virus the same way you would when dealing with regular ticks.

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Massachusetts Folks Should Take Note of Another Painful Pest

Another pest that New Yorkers, particularly folks in the Hudson Valley area, are dealing with is the 'Ghost Bug.' This type of bug can bite you and you won't even notice it. At least not right away. However, if you start to notice itchy bumps along with swelling and pain, there's a good chance that you have been attacked by a 'Ghost Bug.' WPDH reports that these bugs are referred to as black flies or flying midges and started out as a concern in the Adirondacks and North but now are starting to impact other areas too.

If I Am Attacked By a 'Ghost Bug,' Should I Go to the Hospital? How Harmful is the Bite?

According to WPDH, if you do get bit by a 'Ghost Bug,' there is very little harm other than the good possibility of feeling pain for a few days. You wouldn't have to go to the emergency room or urgent care. Your only real medication in this case is time.

If I Can't See These 'Ghost Bugs,' How Do I Protect Myself From Them?

Basically, you would treat the 'Ghost Bug' situation the same way you would go about protecting yourself from ticks. When you're outside for any length of time, whether it's hiking, mowing the lawn, hanging out/working in the yard, etc., you want to keep yourself covered up with long sleeves and pants. That's your best defense from these pesky little critters.

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