No matter where you live in Massachusetts whether it's in areas near Boston, Worcester, Springfield, New Bedford, and everywhere in between, chances are you're going to find a car show, especially during the summer season.

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One of the Best Car Shows in Massachusetts Recenty Took Place and It Was Quite The Attraction

Speaking of car shows, one of the premier car shows in Massachusetts just took place in the Berkshires. The Great Barrington Fire Department once again hosted the annual Main Street Car Show in downtown Great Barrington. What makes this car show extra special is the fact that the town shuts down Main and Railroad Streets and the classic cruisers are all lined up in the center of town. Seriously, there were cars everywhere extending up and down Main Street, Railroad Street even in the parking lot and grounds of Great Barrington Town Hall. It was quite the attraction. I was present at the car show on Aug. 3 and I overheard attendees saying "This is the best car show I've ever been to." Another person said, "I'm seeing cars here that I never thought I would ever see."

In addition to the classic cars, the Old Yankee Street Rods do one heck of a job cranking out those classic tunes as they have speakers up and down Main Street that accompany the spectacle that is the car show. The Great Barrington Fire Department and the town have worked tirelessly for just about 20 years putting on this annual event and their efforts really show. Funds raised from the car show each year go into the fire department's scholarship fund which assists the youth in the community.

If You Didn't Make it to the Car Show, Don't Worry, We Have Pictures Galore

If you missed this year's Great Barrington Fire Department Main Street Car Show, you can live the experience virtually by checking out the over 100 photos of some of the best cars in the region. You're going to see some beauties in the photo gallery below. Enjoy!

Great Barrington Main Street Car Show: 08-03-2023

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