On January 31, 1976, Terry Bradshaw launched a short-lived country music career with the release of the single, "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry". Wait--What? Yes, folks, the one and the same Pittsburgh Steeler's quarterback who brought that team to four Super Bowls within a six-year period(winning all four, BTW)back in the 70's, released some country albums!

Now I'm well aware that this may be a surprise to many of you. But do you know what is perhaps more surprising? The fact that Terry Bradshaw can actually sing. Of course, this is only one man's opinion, but Terry possesses a mean set of pipes! Don't laugh...and don't judge me. Take a listen for yourself here.

Country music may not be your cup of tea, but c'mon, you have to admit that Terry sings quite well in that clip. And he's obviously putting his heart and soul into that performance. Terry Bradshaw is truly a jack-of-all-trades. Multiple Super Bowl winning football star. Actor in numerous TV shows and commercials(plus a few movies). Television sports analyst....

Now you can add country music star to Terry's resume. And just so you know, the single, "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry", made it as high as #17 on the country charts. Nice job, Mr. Bradshaw. And Happy Anniversary!

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