I don't have impeccable style or anything, but I'd like to think I know what looks cool or at least "good". I mean, I think and hope so. 😂 I will say this though, good sneakers and a good haircut can make even a subpar outfit look alright. Your head and your feet, the "endcaps" to the human body, so to speak.

As a child, I preferred Nike. As an adult, however, they seem to fit me too narrow, so I opt for Adidas. Plus, I think, overall, Adidas makes a better looking sneaker. I sort of prefer more of a Euro style shoe anyway, I suppose. Anyone remember Diesel shoes? I didn't realize, though, that so many mainstream sneaker/shoe companies had ties to, or were based in Massachusetts.

Here Are 5 Sneaker Giants With Massachusetts Ties


Ok, this might be kind of obvious for anyone who lives in Boston, since you can't miss the massive New Balance building!

From the year 2015: Global athletic leader New Balance announces the grand opening of its 250,000-square-foot world headquarters located at 100 Guest Street in the Allston/Brighton neighborhood of Boston. -newbalance.com

Cool looking casual sneakers and good running shoes as well. The bigger the "N" on the shoe, the better.


Now, another commonly known one, especially if you commute in and out of Boston, you cannot miss the building. Chucks, baby! Can you believe professional basketball players played in those canvas things compared to today?!

In 1908, the original Converse Rubber Company was founded in Malden, Massachusetts, a few miles north of downtown. We’ve been part of local history ever since. In 2015, Converse global headquarters moved to the North End as part of the revitalization of historic Lovejoy Wharf. -jobs.converse.com


My father loved these shoes in the '80s. But, how do you pronounce it? SUH-CONEY? or SAW-CUH-NEY? I believe it is the latter!

Hyde Athletic (Spot-Built) bought Saucony in the '60s and moved it from PA to Cambridge, MA. In 2016, Wolverine World Wide relocated Saucony and its other Boston-area brands to a new regional headquarters location in Waltham, Massachusetts. -wikipedia.org


Reebok's headquarters are located at 25 Drydock Ave in Boston, MA. Adidas sold Reebok to Authentic Brands Group in 2021 for $2.5 B. Cardi B has done some endorsing for them as well.

At Reebok, we love fitness. It's what wakes us up in the morning, what we think about all day, and what drives us toward tomorrow. -Facebook


Is there any shoe cooler looking than the "Gazelle"? I actually had a kid in high school try to buy my purple Gazelles off me. He just had to have that color. Let's not forget that Sambas were EVERYWHERE even if you didn't play soccer!

Aside from its ownership of Canton-based Reebok, Adidas has been the primary footwear sponsor of the Boston Marathon for years, which means its insignia becomes nearly ubiquitous around these parts in April. -bizjournals.com

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