How many of you remember this one? And the clothes the kids are wearing...flashback time!
Check out these prices, oh the good old days! Now a Quarter Pounder costs what about 5 bucks.

Vintage McDonald's Menu From The 70s Reveals How Much Has Changed Ove_ -

photo vintage McDonalds

It starts with a wide shot of a place called "McDonaldland."  You hear some swinging '60s music, and then the singer tells you to get ready for a "trip."

A couple of kids come out from behind a rock and they join Ronald McDonald as he takes their hand and leads them down a path.

They encounter Apple Pie Trees, Officer Big Mac, and Mayor McCheese.  There are Milkshake Volcanoes, a French Fry Patch, and a Hamburger Patch too.  It ends as they skip over a "Golden Arches Bridge" to enjoy their delicious food.


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