If you think guys are the only ones looking to get lucky this Thursday, you are wrong, my friend. A new survey asked women what they want to do on Valentine's Day, and the second-most-popular answer was, have sex.

67% of women said they want their Valentine's Day plans to include a romantic dinner, 49% said sex, 47% said they want to "be intimate" 47% hope to get flowers and 43% want chocolate. Here are more stats from the survey

56% of women said they feel a LOT of pressure to have a date for Valentine's Day.

A quarter of the women in the poll said they've hung out with an ex on Valentine's Day, or even gotten back together with them, so they wouldn't be alone.

29% of women said they'd like to try something new in BED for Valentine's Day.

57% of women think Valentine's Day is overrated. But two-thirds said they like it to at least some degree.

23% of women would rather do something unconventional for Valentine's Day, like go on a group date or spend the day with friends.

About 25% of millennial women think being proposed to on Valentine's Day is tacky.