The Berkshires are finally part of the conversation for high speed rail service to and from Boston.

There has been a lots of talk about expanded rail service in the Berkshires.  Some serious talk about rail service connecting to New York City has been on the table for awhile.

Now the state Joint Committee on Transportation has recommended passing a bill to study the costs and impacts of rail service from Boston to the Berkshires.  Until recently, the talk about high speed rail to and from Boston ended in Springfield.  Berkshire lawmakers have asked for the study to also look at extending rail to the Pittsfield and now that will happen.  The bill, if passed by the House and Senate would require a study of capital costs as well as the community and environmental impacts of extending high-speed rail between Boston, Springfield and the Berkshires.

According to, Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier, D-Pittsfield, said

 "Consistent, reliable, affordable east-west rail would allow for people to live in the Berkshires and work in other parts of the state, allow for more businesses to open up here and expand our cultural and tourism markets."

Will there be high speed rail service from Pittsfield to Boston?  Or maybe New York City?  Only time will tell.

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