You see it all the time, right? Cars all over Massachusetts with out-of-state plates. Are they all breaking the law? Of course not.

Some folks are traveling to Massachusetts from out of state, some have dual residencies, some are rental cars. You can always tell if it's a rental car because there is no dealer affiliation with the vehicle, like, no dealership logoed license plate bracket around it.


There are definitely some folks breaking the law, however. I remember moving back from the state of Florida in 2006 and having to re-register my vehicle in Massachusetts.

Technically I was living with my parents for a few months, so I got away with it for awhile. Once you legally change your address to Massachusetts and you own a vehicle that is registered out of state, you must register that vehicle in Massachusetts.

How Long Can You Reside In Massachusetts With Out-Of-State Plates?

30 days.

New residents of Massachusetts, must convert their out-of-state vehicle registration to an MA registration with the Massachusetts RMV within 30 days. Residents of the state of Massachusetts will also have to title their vehicle, which may be done at the same time when they register their vehicle.

Must You Have A Valid Massachusetts License?

I guess you don't have to. I assume dual residency comes into play here.

When you apply for a registration for a motor vehicle or trailer, you must provide at least one of the following: A valid unexpired driver's license from any state or territory of the United States or Canada. Your Social Security (SSN) Card - Physical SSN Card must be presented.

I hope you found this post informative.

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