I certainly don't watch Jeopardy! every night, but when I remember to put it on, I absolutely enjoy it. It's a tad depressing to realize how much I don't know, but it's also fun to answer some of the clues correctly.

When James Holzhauer had his historic streak going, I was hooked. Love that guy! After the iconic Trebek passed, it was also fun to watch various celebrities try out for the gig. Most surprising? Aaron Rodgers. I thought he was awesome!

Jeopardy! ended up signing two permanent hosts, Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik. I don't love either one, but they're certainly not bad. Bialik is currently not participating in season 39 because she stands with the writers on strike.

Jeopardy! Facebook
Jeopardy! Facebook

Then, of course, there is the contestants. When Johnny Gilbert announces who the contestants are at the beginning of the show, my ears always perk up if they're from Massachusetts. If they're from a city I know people in or are close to, that's often a conversation starter.

How Many Jeopardy! Contestants Have Been From Massachusetts?

I was thinking one day, I wonder how many contestants have been from Massachusetts and why. Is it indicative of population? Intelligence? An interest in the game itself? A combination?

California, I presumed, was probably the state in which most came from, but what about the bay state?

I found the answer.

  1. California (2242)
  2. New York (1212)
  3. Illinois (604)
  4. Massachusetts (574)
  5. Pennsylvania (548)

So, we're 4th on the list and this information is courtesy of coventrydirect.com. This article was published in July of 2021, I can only assume that Massachusetts' ranking hasn't shifted that much.

I hope you found this post informative.

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