Say what you want about those parking enforcement people (meter attendants), but they sure are efficient. I had to go to city hall recently for a birth certificate, so I punched in my plate number at the kiosk legitimizing my free half hour.

Woman pressing plate number of car to pay parking ticket

I had bumped into a friend on the way out and we got talking. The point is, by the time I made my way back to my vehicle, the meter attendant was already working her way up to my car! It had literally been only 28 minutes!

I get it, it's revenue, and just follow the rules, and you'll be fine, right!?

What About Putting An Old Ticket On Your Windshield, Will That Work?


So, after a certain amount of unpaid fines, the city or town, will literally make your car undrivable by way of a steel "boot".

A traditional boot is a large heavy metal device that clamps onto one of the wheels of a vehicle with the intent of preventing the vehicle from driving away.

City Of Utica Facebook
City Of Utica Facebook

Although its never happened to me, certain family members have had their vehicles booted. The optics are terrible, too, aren't they? It just looks as though you've really let those parking tickets pile up! 😂

How Many Tickets Does It Take To Get A Boot?

The magic number seems to be 5.

How many tickets before you get a boot in Boston? Your vehicle will be booted when you have five or more unpaid parking tickets. It can be removed once you have paid all ticket fines and additional fees (the boot fee is $45 plus $20 per day). After 3 days of being booted without paying, your vehicle will be towed.

Here in Pittsfield, MA and The Berkshires?

If your vehicle has been booted, please contact the Tax Collector's Office between the hours of 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday (except holidays).  A $50.00 boot fee must be paid, cash or money order only, along with all outstanding parking ticket fees/fines and other past due fees/fines, in order to have the boot removed.

If your car is missing, it may have been towed.  All vehicle tows are contracted with private towing companies and are logged in a police log.  To contact the Police Department Dispatch Desk please call (413) 448-9700 and an officer will assist you.

Five or more unpaid tickets will result in a boot.

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