Wasn't Halloween just the other day? Now the Thanksgiving stories are already coming around the corner.

A new survey on Thanksgiving trends looked at how many people plan to attend at least two Thanksgiving dinners this year. Like maybe you're visiting different sides of the family or fitting in an extra 'Friendsgiving'.

62% of people under 35 said they're doing more than one Thanksgiving this year. For people over 35, it's 38%. Here are five more Thanksgiving stats from the survey.

The foods we're looking forward to the most are mashed potatoes, pie, bread rolls, gravy, and green bean casserole. (Was turkey, not an option?)

As far as the turkey goes white meat wins, 52% only like white meat 25% prefer dark meat,21% like both and 2% said they don't eat turkey.

The top thing that stresses out men on Thanksgiving is being around family. For women, it's cooking.

As always, the #1 thing we DON'T want to discuss at the table is politics.

More phones will be allowed at the table this year that means lots of food porn will be on the social media sites! 45% of people said they'll be allowed, compared to 35% last year.

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