Hurricane Michael was not nice at all to the people of the Gulf Coast, the area known as the Florida Panhandle saw a lot of devastation from this Hurricane that came in right below a Category 5.

If you heard me on the air this week then you know my daughter and her family live on Panama City Beach which was hit very hard along with Mexico Beach, Port St. Joe and even Tyndall Air Force Base. They found out their apartment had little damage but everywhere around them was demolished.

Fema and the Red Cross are not on site yet as of Friday at Noon. People are looking for Gas, food, Water and Ice. So even though you got to go back to the what is left of there houses on Panama City Beach. it is like a ghost town.

You really learn what you take for granted on a daily basis when you don't have water ice or gas. Here are some photos were taken by my daughter Farrell and her husband Tony also WMBB Panama City.

They are now estimating Red Cross will be there within a few days.

You can help out click on the Red Cross to see how you can help.


Live feed from WMBB


3 Photos from Farrell and Tony Hayes


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