It was my first Jack and Jill over the weekend. Just before we headed out, I realized that I had no cash on me. The nearest ATM was just down the street on the Pittsfield/Lanesborough line.

As I went to stick my debit card in the slot, I noticed that the customer before me forgot to retrieve their card from the ATM.

My first reaction was "wow", as if the wrong person came across this, it could have been bad.

Theft is rampant in this country it seems as lots of people have dealt with some sort of debit card or credit card fraud.

Now, the person when they got home may have realized they forgot it and called to deactivate it, but the opposite could have been true as well.

I was sort of in a rush, so I didn't know what do. Take it with me and mail it? Wait for the branch to reopen and hand it to an employee?


What I didn't want to happen was for me to get caught on camera LEAVING with the debit card or be seen putting it in my pocket.

Call me paranoid, but I don't know... what the heck?

I noticed that there was a night dropbox, so I just popped the card in there and I assume it found its way back to the customer.

Did I do the right thing? What would you have done?

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