Another recall has recently gone out to consumers and this time around it involves a Vermont-based ice cream but Massachusetts shoppers should be aware of the recall.

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According to Food Safety News, certain Wilcox Ice Cream products have shown contamination with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. The best-by dates are Sept. 13, 2024, through Sept. 15, 2024. The company, Wilcox Ice Cream, voluntarily issued the recall for the following products.

If you have any of those particular Wilcox Ice Cream products in your home you should discontinue eating them right away. You can return the product to the place of purchase for full credit or a refund.

Massachusetts Residents May Want to Pay Attention to the Recall

Wilcox Ice Cream is out of East Arlington, Vermont and the majority of places that sell the products are located in Vermont. You may be wondering well how does that affect me as someone who lives in Massachusetts and why should I care?

Why Should Massachusetts Residents Care About the Recall?

The reason to at least be aware of the recall is there are a few Massachusetts towns that border Vermont and it's not unheard of that residents from those towns would do some of their grocery shopping in Vermont. For example, areas like Clarksburg are neighbors with Stamford, Vermont not to mention Williamstown neighbors Pownal, Vermont. Bennington, Vermont is not that far away from either of those towns. As a matter of fact, I know a few folks from the northern Berkshires including North Adams who do their shopping in Bennington. According to Wilcox Ice Cream's website, their products are sold in Bennington stores including North Bennington Variety, Henry's Market, Willy's Variety, The Market Wagon, Price Chopper, and Hannaford. If you shop at any of those locations and have purchased Wilcox ice cream lately it's better to be safe than sorry and double-check to see if you have any of the affected products in your freezer.. You can get more details about the recall along with information about Listeria infections by going here.

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