On September 19, 1981, after a decade apart(except from some sporadic appearances), Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel put aside their personal and creative differences and appeared onstage together in New York's Central Park for a benefit concert with proceeds going toward the redevelopment and maintenance of the park.

Approximately 500,000 attended the concert and millions more watched on cable's HBO as two old friends got through their differences and put on a fantastic show. The evening's set list comprised everything from many of the duo's hits, plus cover songs and hit songs from each other's solo careers.

Just a few highlights: "The Boxer"; "Mrs. Robinson"; "The Sound of Silence"; "Scarborough Fair"; "Bridge Over Troubled Water"; "Homeward Bound"; and "America". Plus, some of their solo hits: "Late In The Evening"; "Slip Slidin' Away"; "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover"; and "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard". Although Simon and Garfunkel were both disappointed in their own performances, the concert was praised by music critics and the album was very successful. Despite this, Paul and Art decided against a permanent reunion.

When my family and I moved to the Beautiful Berkshires in 1982, we had a short stay at a hotel while we waited for our house to be ready. And that hotel had FREE HBO. I'm proud to say that I must have watched The Concert In Central Park three times in one weekend. Thanks Paul and Art for the warm welcome to the Berkshires during the blizzard of 1982.


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