I am the first to admit this: I ALWAYS hated insects in any way, shape or form. Anything from germ-carrying flies to blood-sucking mosquitoes who thrive on coming at me when least expected. They truly are nature's pests, creepy, crawly and absolutely disgusting in my eyes. Ticks are another breed I detest due to their capability of bringing Lyme Disease to humans. Mosquitoes tend to pass the West Nile virus which can be fatal for some who are bitten. I'll give two exceptions: Honeybees and ladybugs pass muster. Bay State residents, pay heed: Here are a trio of species that you need to dispose of, IMMEDIATELY!

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Halyomorpha halys) on white background

1) THE BROWN MARMORATED STINK BUG: Yes, I've seen them crawl around the radio station, but now I know to break out the insect repellent. Why, you ask? Simple answer: They are "disgusting" creatures. it's an invasive type of species that tend to multiply at a fast rate as there is a lack of natural predators to keep them in check. Plus, they do have a putrid type of odor, hence their name. Fly swatter, please!

Susana Gonzalez
Susana Gonzalez

2) SPOTTED LANTERNFLY: It may look like a butterfly, but it's NOT (by the way, butterflies are on my OK list) This particular insect has been breeding in the Northeast for almost a decade. If you spot them in your backyard, look for speckled and red hind wings as they are causing a ruckus in the agricultural realm by eating crops and harming trees. They also secrete a "so-called" honeydew that is the main cause as to why farmers want to extinguish them. Homeowners, be on the lookout!


3) ASIAN TIGER MOSQUITO: A true nemesis for sure! they tend to bite humans and our 4 legged friends, so you know the next step is to put them out of their misery. The bug has a black body with white stripes and is a TRUE carrier of West Nile and other diseases that could harm your health in more ways than one. they are rampant in 20 of our 50 states. Carry that bug spray and apply DEET for added protection. This is truly one you need to extinguish when coming into contact while walking or hiking. In one word: "GROSS".

BOTTOM LINE: Again, be careful and do the right thing if you encounter any of these creepy and repulsive creatures. You'll be more safe and sound in the long run!

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