There was a time when VHS ruled the world and the format was the preferred method of watching movies. Even laser discs couldn't really compete with the video cassettes. Whether you live in Boston, Springfield, Worcester, etc. you more than likely rented movies on VHS from your local video store or Blockbuster Video back in the 80s and 90s even early 2000s.

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I Spent Quite a Bit of Time at Local VHS Rental Stores in the Berkshires When I Was a Kid

I remember spending sometimes half an hour to 45 minutes at my local video stores like Adams Video and Movie Gallery in North Adams as well as Video Studio in Adams trying to decide which movie I wanted to watch for the weekend. It was a thrill and an experience to go to the video store and look at all of the fun VHS movie covers especially in the horror section. When I started delivering newspapers, I was able to start buying a bunch of those forbidden horror movies. I loved going to Saturday Matinee at the Berkshire Mall in Lanesborough and deciding which flick I was going to buy, bring home with me, and not have to return as I finally owned that particular title which I would watch dozens and dozens of times. It would be an understatement to say that my VCR got a good workout.

If You Have VHS Tapes in Your Home You Could Be Sitting on a Goldmine

VHS tapes are now a thing of the past for most people in terms of what format we watch movies as streaming is the preferred modern method but did you know there is a market out there for VHS tapes? That's right, there are certain titles that are in high demand and if you own them and they are still in the shrinkwrap or in great condition, you could make some big money. For example, the sealed McDonald's Edition of "Back to the Future" is listed on eBay for $200. Another sealed edition of the 1985 film is listed on the auction site for $375.95. Yet, there's another edition of the blockbuster Smash on eBay listed for nearly $700.00 and the item currently has 2 bids.

Another movie that is listed for big bucks on eBay is "Raiders of the Lost Ark." If you have any of these editions below and they are sealed, you could be in for some cash money if you choose to put them up for sale.

"Ghostbusters" is another film that if you have the original sealed VHS tape released in the 80s with the watermarks, you could stand to make some decent dough.

Those are just a few of the titles that collectors will pay big bucks for if you have the shrink-wrapped editions they are looking for. Check your attic and basement, you could be sitting on a goldmine. You can discover which other VHS movies are in high demand by going here.

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